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 Grammar Notes

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تاريخ التسجيل : 2012-11-09
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الموقع : Rustaq -Oman

PostSubject: Grammar Notes    November 19th 2012, 02:17

THE TENSES: الأزمنة

1- SIMPLE PRESENT المضارع البسيط

USAGE: الاستخدام

(a) With habits مع العادات (b) With facts مع الحقائق

FORM: صيغة الفعــــــل

(a) Infinitive verb.+(s/es) (He-she-it) + (singular nouns)

فعل مجرد(أصلي) الأسماء المفردة

(b) Infinitive verb. (I-they-you - we ) ( plural nouns )

فعل مجرد(أصلي) أسماء الجمع

NOTE: ملاحظة

We use (es) instead of (s) when the verb ends with

(ss - sh - ch - o - x)عندما ينتهي الفعل بأحد الحروف التالية : (sبدلا من ( (es نستخدم (


I pass Þ He passes / We go Þ She goes

They push Þ It pushes / I catch Þ He catches

You box Þ He boxes

AFFIRMATIVEصيغة الإثبات :

- Subject + verb + object

(مفعول به) (فعل) (فاعل)
The boy reads the book.

The boys read the book .

NEGATIVE صيغة النفي:

- Subject + Auxiliary +not + inf.v. + object

(do /does)

AUXILIARY الأفعال المساعدة :

(Do) (I - They - You - We -) / (plural n.)

(Does) (He - she - it) / (singular n.)


The boy (doesn't) does not read the book .

The boys (don't) do not read the book .

INTERRROGATIVE: صيغة الاستفهام :

Auxiliary + Subject + inf .v. + object?



Does the boy read the book?

Do the boys read the book?

ADVERBS الظروف الدالة على الزمن :

(always - usually - sometimes - often - everyday - yearly - weekly - daily...)

يوميا أسبوعيا سنويا كل يوم عادة أحيانا غالبا دائما


Correct the verbs between brackets and fill in the spaces.

1-........ she usually.............. here ? (eat)

2- They........... milk everyday. (not drink)

3- He................ this door daily. (push)

4- Ali ............... French fluently . (speak )

5- This goalkeeper .................. the ball easily . ( catch )

Fill in the blanks using the correct simple present tense form of the word in the brackets.

Susan and I ________ (study) in the same school, but we're completely different.She ________ (like) tea, but I ________ (like) coffee. She ________ (brush) her teeth after every meal, but I never ________ (clean) mine. She ________ (smile) all thetime in class, but I ________ (feel) angry. I ________ (complain) about the teacherall the time, but Susan ________ (think) she is a nice person.When I ________ (finish) class, I like to drink Soju with my friends, but Susan ________ (do) her homework. Steve ________ (think) Susan is perfect, but she ________ (drive) me crazy!
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marwan alhinai 10/4

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تاريخ التسجيل : 2012-11-24
العمر : 21
الموقع : Rustaq

PostSubject: Re: Grammar Notes    November 26th 2012, 19:48

شكرا لك على الموضوع الجميل والمفيد
جزاك الله خيرا على كل ما تقدمه لهذا المنتدى
ننتظر ابداعاتك الرائعة بفارغ الصبر
تقبلوا مروري

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Grammar Notes
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